Now or never

by One Path




I'm dark, I absorb light.


Soy oscuro, absorbo luz.


released December 19, 2014

Todas las músicas escritas, interpretadas y producidas por Javier Bilbao (One Path), excepto guitarras adicionales por D. Rodríguez. Todas las vocales escritas e interpretadas por Javier Bilbao.
Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Ohayo Project Studios por Javier Bilbao.
Concepto artístico y diseño gráfico por L. Villaverde y J. Bilbao.
Publicado por Hollow Out. 2014.


All music written, performed and produced by Javier Bilbao (One Path), except for the additional guitars by D. Rodríguez. All lyrics written and performed by Javier Bilbao.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Ohayo Project Studios by Javier Bilbao.
Artwork and design by L. Villaverde and J. Bilbao.
Published by Hollow Out. 2014.




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Track Name: Now or never
It's now or never, now or never.

It's now or never,
there's no other time,
I've been wasting my days,
wasting my life,
and what I've got?
No more thinking,
no more questioning,
what Imma do is act, now,
cause I only have one life,
I gotta live my life.
Yeah, it's pretty easy,
Lao Tzu told me how:
you gotta be natural,
like a bird flying high.
No matter what's in your mind,
no matter what's in your mind,
let it go, let it go,
dig a hole and fill it up.

I love the Universe,
not University.
I don't find knowledge
in college,
stop telling me shit.
Thirty bucks and
I let you see my CV.
I was number one
in my prom,
I'm not bragging,
I'm just saying, dunn.
Sure, it ain't secure,
but I'm having fun,
okay, Imma tell you something, mom.
Imma be ok, I promise,
I know life is hard,
but I'm flawless,
pure, like Thoreau
in the forests,
Imma be free.
I know my value,
don't need a degree,
I only hope that you agree,
cause I know,
I know, Imma do it now or never,
it's a belief.
Track Name: Empty
Okay, I got one life,
I gotta live it my way,
even though it's easy
to go astray,
but I'm dark,
I absorb light rays.
I'm confident,
can't you see my gaze?
I only got myself,
no god to praise,
so I praise the life,
it's the end of all my strife.

I read too much the old sage,
that now I love the old sage,
that I'm becoming the old sage,
yeah, I guess you now wanna put me in a cage.

I said, I read too much
the old sage and it is my crutch now,
put me in a cage now,
so free you can't hurt me now.
I got tea, I got books,
I got fruit, I got loops,
I got shit you can't value,
this my life, I'm vacuum.

I'm empty, boy, I'm empty,
I'm the kid with some sweet words,
I stay calm, rare breed,
blossom, fresh air, no needs.
No need to worry, ma,
just living my story, ma,
searching for glory?
Oh, nah, I'm way over that.
Track Name: Good but
I'm a grown up man,
well, I'm not so sure,
but I've grown,
and things are different now,
still the same boy in my heart, tho,
and you still in my heart, but,
but not in my life.

I know you miss, baby,
and I do too,
I feel like I'm living
without something that's part of me,
and it's you.
We used to laugh so much,
we used to talk so much
about the time,
about living the right time.
But what's time when it's gone?
It botters me,
oh, oh, you loved me,
but now it seems like
you don't know me.

Flowing like water,
in a bad sense,
here last night,
where are you today?

And I remember
all the friends that I've lost,
do you remember?
I hope everything's right,
me, I'm fine,
getting out my dreams,
that is, living my life.
And no, I didn't forget,
I can't forget, I got a great memory,
so I keep the good days,
and that makes me hold on,
love, for all the ones that have gone.

You used to be my brother, where you at now?
You used to be my brother, where you at now?
You used to be my brother where you at now?
I used to be your brother but I don't know how
now I'm not, and I don't know how.
Track Name: Fire (pt. II)
Uh, I'm honest, I get lost sometimes,
uh, I'm honest, I don't know where's my mind.
Uh, I'm honest, I get lost sometimes,
uh, I'm honest, I don't know.

I've been on the road for
a long time,
but it feels like it's first day.
What's this silly game we play?
Contradicting ourselves,
living the past not the moment.
And at this moment,
we're living such a movie not this moment,
isn't it crazy, yeah?
I realized but I gotta keep going,
I know it, but I gotta keep going.

One path, one life.

I still need fire, fire, fire,
I still feel cold cause I can't see you anymore.
I still need fire, fire, fire,
I still feel cold cause I can't see you anymore, anymore.

But I'm doing this for you, now,
I stay strong for you, now,
I promised and I haven't forgot you.
Now, I'm doing what I feel it's mine,
what I feel it makes me good,
it makes me happy,
since the beginning
all about being happy.
And I made it, I made it,
it's all for you, so I hope you proud,
I love you.